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Food Bank Donations
Dog Food
Cat Food
4lb. $6.99
6.3lb. $9.99

8.8 lb. $9.99

16 lb. $14.99

18.5 lb.$14.99
22 lb. $19.99

46 lb. $26.99
25lb. Bag of Cat Litter

Spay/Neuter Donation
Donate a Wellness Care Package
Puppy & Kitten 101 Package-$20.00
Includes Distemper and Dewormer

Dog and Cat 102 Package-$30.00
Includes Rabies(rabies can be given starting at 3 months), Distemper, and Dewormer

Dog and Cat 103 Package-$45.00
Includes Rabies, Distemper, Dewormer, and Heartworm Test (6 months and older)
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DFA Wish Lists

On any given day, there are several thousand dogs, cats and other animals needing assistance from the DaVinci Foundation for Animals. There are also a bunch living at the DFA sanctuary. We regularly ask our furry four legged friends what items would most help them enjoy their lives here at DFA's Hugs and Whiskers home. And below is their latest list!

If you'd like to donate items from the wish list, please contact Michael at The DFA 407-375-4130

If you'd like to provide funds to purchase items from the wish list, please call Michael Lockhart at (407)375-4130 or e-mail him: TheDavinciFoundationforAnimals@gmail.com

We also accept Gift Cards from Costco, Sams club, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Pets supplies plus, Petco, Petsmart, Target, Mejers and Walmart for needed supplies.

Cats wish List

Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula, dry and cans (for cats with allergies and bowel issues)

Forti Flora Feline Nutritional Supplement

Cosequin for Cats (for cats with arthritis and cats prone to urinary tract infections)

Greenies Pill Pockets

Feliway Diffusers and Refills

Trash Bags; 13 gallon and 33 gallon

Fancy Feast Cat Food (pate style/classic)

Temptations Cat Treats

Cat Scratchers and refills

Tidy cat, Multi-cat  clump-litter

Cat Room Needs/ (Simon's Porch)

This spring H&W Home/DFA will begin construction on Simon's porch, a 6 x 24 ft enclosure to house adoptable cats. Simon was a member of the DFA family for almost 13 years and a Hurricane Charlie survivor. He lost his battle with stomach cancer only a week before ever seeing H&W Home or the resident cat side porch. In his honor we build Simons porch, so that other cats needing rescue may find a forever home with a loving family.

New carpet squares

Lumber for Cat shelves/Walkways/

   550-sq ft. ceramic tile found at:

chicken wire

insulation panels

insulation Vent tape

2x4's (for cat-run/framework)


under flooring heating systems, several needed $189-259.00 @ Home Depot

Double hung replacement windows


Blue Buffalo- little bites/life protection formula in chicken & brown rice or lamb

Blue Buffalo food coupons

Greenie bones- small or medium

Nyla Bones ( Dura chew please)

Dog toys New please

Easy Walk Harnesses

New only dog beds

Food Puzzles for Active Dogs

bags of White and Brown rice

Baby food various flavors

Dog H&W Resident Housing/grounds supplies 

Extra Tall walk-thru baby gates

6' cedar fencing posts

6' cedar dog eared fence panels

patio stones/blocks

pea pebbles or landscaping rocks

6' leashes

Two-way radios

Doggie Decks (specialized decking material)

Rubber backed rugs

Foster Dogs

Our Foster families have taken on a large responsibility to care for a dog that is in desperate need of a place to live, otherwise would face shelter life, with the risk of euthinization. Fosters open their homes, hearts and pocketbooks, Fostering can be a great expense, We help Fosters help the dogs and cats in their care. So that they may provide the best life possible during their transition time. This helps reduce stress levels for both fosters and adoptee's

New or Gently used collars

Guardian Gear Nylon Adjustable Puppy Collars

New or Gently used 6' Leash's

Dog toys

Fish dog treats (no other ingredients for dogs with food allergies)

Canned dog food

Greenies- Small, Medium, and Large bones

Greenie pill pockets

dry dog food 

New or gentely used dog sweaters fleece coats all sizes ( if used,washed please before donation)

Dog shampoo

Cat shampoo

grooming brushes

clipping shears

Leba- Dental health solution


Tide, Liquid Laundry soap

gift cards: Meijer, Kroger,Walmart, Petsmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus etc.

Large or XL Kennel crates




Gift cards for gas stations (Speedway, BP,Mobile, Meijer, Marathon ) and Hotel rooms for adoption events/transports volunteers

Break-away collars for kittens and adult cats

Kongs for large dogs

Small and medium litter boxes for kitties traveling home

New and gently used airline-approved crates (all sizes)

6-foot leashes for dogs

Medium, large, and x-large harnesses for dogs

8 ½ x 11 copy paper for medical records of adopted animals

Stuffed squeaky toys for dogs going home (all sizes)

9x12 white envelopes for medical records of adopted animals

standard blank file folders

solid color plain school folders- to hold "Adoptable's" information/ sponsor coupons & offers for adopting families

Angel Outreach

The DFA assists families that have fallen on difficult times, such as the loss of a job or the foreclosure of the family home, at these times some feel they can barely keep themselves afloat so they in desperation, may sometimes surrender or even abandon a family pet. The DFA hopes to prevent this and educate & assist so families can stay together. Sometimes, all it takes s a helping hand to make someone realize they don't have to turn to drastic measures to make ends meet. We are there to help. 


12x12 chain link kennels

medium, large and XL dog Houses

Hay bales

dog toys

dry dog food

canned cat food

Dry cat food

canned cat food


Dog and Cat treats

 Feral Cat TNR incentive

Humane traps make the job of catching and transporting feral cats possible. access to traps  can exponentially improve   spay/neuter efforts. For example, with  spay/neuter and humane traps, one caregiver had over 130 feral cats altered in one year!Where to get traps:if interested,manufacturers give discounts/Tell them they are for Feral freedom Cat initiative for the DFA.

ACES (800-338-2237) and Tomahawk (800-272-8727) are two companies who sell humane traps.

Builders or funders for Humane traps

 dry cat food

can/wet cat food

*Spay/Neuter Procedure sponsors

insulation panels

styrofoam boxes (to make cat huts)

insulation/vent tape

Gas Gift Cards: For Volunteers who monitor the traps, deliver food, vets transport etc.


copier/all purpose paper

Laser printer ink: Hewitt Packard cartridge;(4 separate color cartages needed for this Printer)

*Q6001 A

*Q6001 0

*Q6001 2

*Q6001 3

Canon ink cartrages



loose leaf paper college ruled

sticky notes

index cards

plain solid color folders ( to contain adoptables vital information, sponsors coupons etc)

binders: white or black  

file folders

hanging files

Forever Loved~ Rainbow Bridge memorial gardens

With the harsh Michigan winters our memorial garden is in constant upkeep and renewal to keep it in proper operational order and beautiful.

 The Forever loved gardens is not about dying. Rather, it is an affirmation and celebration of life. Visitors here experience a deep calm. The chaos of the outside world seems to melt away as gentle breezes start a serenade of wind chimes. Animal statues decorate the landscape a rippling stream flows across the site, as angels watch over the grounds, where we remember the pets who slumber in eternity (this is not a graveyard, none are buried here, rather a beautiful place where one can sit and reminisce love shared)Engraved Stones with the names of Pets that wait for us at Rainbow bridge. Over time, weather can take a toll on our statues, signs, pathways and ponds  and they must be maintained or replaced. We thank you for your generosity in helping us celebrate the forever love here that we have had the honor of sharing with the fur babies that have blessed our lives.

"Run free & Play amongst the angels, my beloved 'til we're all together again."

Pond pumps

pond stones

flowers and small shrubbery

patio blocks and rocks

White outdoor/exterior paint

Statuary- Animals, Angels

Wind chimes

3 ftX 6ft short picket fence 

Volunteers needed

* TNR feral Cat initiative volunteers: a few dedicated volunteers to serve as contact people for humane traps, and keeping track of them, keep them in use.

*Event planners- skilled in running high volume events and fundraising events/projects

* Skilled Craftsmen builders-In the Spring of 2014 DFA is in hopes of taking on the building of "Simon's Porch" a cat rescue refuge for adoptable cats at H&W home; We are in need of local craftsmen skilled in addition building, who would like to assist to make this posable.

*private airplane Pilots- Transporters to be involved with the DFA Adopt across the nation, project. These pilots would transport adopted rescues to their new forever families, from high skill shelters to low animal population areas so these beautiful souls can have a 2nd chance at life.

*Transport Drivers- Drivers to be involved with Adopt across the nation project; transport adopted animals to their new families ( for instance Detroit to Toledo OH, to an older elder adoptee who could not make the long drive to adopt otherwise)

*Local Transport drivers- volunteers to drive rescues, assist fosters, pick up donations, drop off dog houses

Other Notes:

We except usable production equipment such as Newer Model Digital Video cameras', Apple Computers, laptops and Music production equipment, If they are not useable to our teams we can use these items in our fundraising sales to earn funding for our programs. We ask that any equipment donated be in gentle used or new condition and be "in date"please, older models except able if still "useable".   

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